Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Mother Earth.

Mother Earth sitting quietly
Mother Earth thinking deeply
Mother Earth caring gently
Mother Earth loving totally
Human Kind polluting atmosphere
Human Kind destroying habitat
Human Kind creating fear
Human Kind exterminating wild-life
Human Kind holding nothing dear
Human Kind creating social strife
Mother Earth crying softly

Mother Earth dying slowly.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Hello faithful reader, sorry I have not been so active recently but having troubles with my arm, my doctor thinks I've got tennis elbow, never played tennis in my life LOL. Going for an ultra-sound tomorrow - Tuesday 14 - to see what can be found and then get something done about it, which will be good.  Here are a couple more poems for you to read:


I looked out on the early sunrise
The mountains peaks
Floating on the nimbus sea
The waves tinged with streaks of gold
The gentle breath of Gaia blows
The gossamer of gentle souls
Through the mist of dreams
To a time when she was not so old
A time of creation
A time of birth
The beauty of mother earth.

It is time to rest now
A time of stillness in the after glow
A time to be quiet and ponder
On this time of wonder
A time for quiet meditation
A time for memory and reflection.

Tis a time of gentle string
A time to contemplate the yearning
To seek and follow the call of planting
The seeds of new life and watching them growing
To feel the power of new life and conception
To feel the energy of Mother Earth
Surge through the roots and veins
Seeking the light of true redemption.

Moving On.

Sitting quietly at her bed side
Holding her hand in his
Talking quietly about life’s journey
About the ups and downs
The high and lows
About the good and the bad
The lessons learned
Mistakes made
Times that made her sad
Times that made her glad
Friendships made, lost and found
Of loves forever bound
She’s not afraid to take the step
Into another world and time
To sleep then wake

And start again.