Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Two new poems - The Fight and The Chamber

The Chamber.

Turn out the light
Turn on the tap
Not water but steam
Flows into your night
Flows into your mind
Flows into your dream
And fills you with fright
You start to unwind
Unravel and sink to the ground
The light starts to brighten
Grows whiter and warmer

Taking you home away from the trauma.

The Fight.

In a fair fight it’s one on one,
You have a fair chance of winning.
In a fair fight when it’s over it’s done.
But when the audience gets into the ring
To help your opponent and do his bidding
Because he’s fooled them with his goading.
Knowing he is lying,
Knowing he is shying
Away from the truth
Away from the proof
Of anything truthful….believable
Of anything meaningful….credible.
Just standing there exalting,
His people accepting
And willingly participating
In nothing more
Than your deleting.
That’s not a fair fight,
It’s not even a fight.


  1. I apologize I've not had time to read the book, but I love the poems. We must figure a way to get them published. That will be my new year resolution. <3